King Willow dancing

Ever fantasize about starting a band with your best friend? Someone you’ve known forever, who finishes your musical sentences, and loves you unconditionally? Meet the sisters behind King Willow, Amanda and Julianna Salguero. Northeast natives and currently based out of San Francisco, these bicoastal babes bring a quality of vulnerability and earnestness to upbeat indie pop.

With diverse influences ranging from modern pop and R&B to old-school folk, Julianna's evocative songwriting tells stories cloaked in catchy melodies punctuated with powerful harmonies, honed from singing together (basically) since birth. Their “mature and mesmerizing indie pop” (Wolf in a Suit)  ranges from slower huskier numbers to upbeat anthems. The sisters lure you in with their vulnerability, sultry harmonies, and glossy nostalgic finish.

King Willow released their self-titled debut EP in March 2017 through 11th Avenue Records.